What’s Lurking Under the Bed? 4 Things You Don’t Want to Find Under There

There are several things that you likely don’t want to find when you clean under your bed. Some of these are harmless, of course, such as items that have gone missing. However, others can cause medical problems. Whether you’re cleaning under your bed or getting ready to move, keep a wary eye out for the following.

1. Mold Leads to Urgent Care Visits

One of the most common things under the bed that will cause you stress and health problems is mold. There are different varieties of mold that can live under your bed, and each of them can cause different health concerns. If you have had trouble breathing, or feel sick frequently, with visits to urgent care, you’ll want to check carefully for mold. Mold breeds on food, damp clothing, and more. Even if you are not normally sensitive to mold, it can affect you negatively if you live with it constantly.

2. Bugs are Unhealthy

There are many different types of bugs that you’ll find while cleaning under the bed. Some of these are more harmful than other bugs. For example, if you find roaches, you’re likely to have an infestation, and should check other areas of the house. Spiders are common in most homes, and as long as the spiders you find are not dangerous to humans, they won’t cause you medical harm. Ants generally don’t cause health problems, but they could damage the structure of the home itself.

3. Rodents Carry Diseases

When looking or cleaning under the bed, one of the most distressing things you’re likely to come across is rodents. While these animals will generally leave you alone, if they are under your bed there are some problems associated with them. Many rodents such as mice and rats carry diseases. This is usually only problematic if they are getting into the food in the home or if they bite you. If you find rodents under the bed, it’s a good idea to get an exterminator in to take care of the infestation.

4. Feces are Problematic

If you have pets, it’s likely that you’ve had to clean up an accident or two in your time. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to figure out where accidents have happened. When you’re cleaning under the bed, keep an eye out for feces. It’s always a good idea to wear gloves when you’re cleaning, so that you don’t come in direct contact with problems like this. If you do find feces under the bed, make sure to clean it all up, and use a disinfectant. You don’t want to end up with an illness because you cleaned under the bed.

Cleaning under the bed is not a regular activity for many adults. However, if you don’t get down there and make sure everything is clean once in a while, you’re likely to end up with problems in the long run. Many of these creatures and items you might find under the bed can also be detrimental to your health.

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