2018 Holiday Gift Guide Kids

Flybar Ipogo Jr


No one can deny the fun of a pogo stick, but how many times can you say that you actually remember just how many jumps you did? Kids all over the world love just how simple and hard the pogo stick is, all in one and find themselves trying over and over to beat their old record. With the Ipogo, it actually counts the jumps and keeps track of them for you! With this amazing gift, you’ll never have to worry about losing track of your jumping records ever again!

Available on Flybar 




The ALEX DIY Paper Swirls Swirl Station

Paper that comes alive! Roll, Shape and create with the ALEX DIY Paper Swirls Swirl Station. Time to make some holiday cheer for them loved ones, all wrapped up with this creatively cool DIY system. Watch as your child’s imaginations come alive! Where  the possibilities of design are endless. “Curl paper strips into coils to create adorable paper characters, cards, jewelry and more. One touch operation allows you to swirl paper in the blink of an eye. ALEX DIY PAPER SWIRLS Swirl Station introduces young craft enthusiasts to the world of quilling; making art with rolled paper strips. Make art, cards, toys, jewelry and more with 200 colorful strips of paper. The Swirl Station makes quilling easy by rolling the strips in seconds, with the push of a button.”

Available on Alex Brands get yours today.

Thames and Kosmos Pepper Mint Sea Voyage

Ahoy matey! Life like pop ups come alive in the Thames and Kosmos Pepper Mint Sea Voyage. Truly whimsical, to say the least. Not only is this a gem to look at all popped out, but very educational to. Defiantly a challenge for us older people.. Kids will actually enjoy spending time together with you while sneaking in some educational exercises. “In this story-based STEM kit, Pepper Mint accompanies an expedition to the Bermuda Triangle. Soon she discovers that the ocean water there behaves in strange and unexpected ways. When the onboard systems of the research vessel fail, Pepper Mint figures out how to use water to make simple hydraulic machines and conduct experiments with pressure and density.”

Available at THAMES & KOSMOS

Josie the Great & Max and Bear

Children are such important people!  Pam Saxelby’s books speak to their hearts and through her stories, Max and Bear and Josie the Great, children know that their feelings are important and valuable!

Available at Pam Saxelby