2018 Holiday Gift Guide Kids

Flybar Ipogo Jr


No one can deny the fun of a pogo stick, but how many times can you say that you actually remember just how many jumps you did? Kids all over the world love just how simple and hard the pogo stick is, all in one and find themselves trying over and over to beat their old record. With the Ipogo, it actually counts the jumps and keeps track of them for you! With this amazing gift, you’ll never have to worry about losing track of your jumping records ever again!

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The ALEX DIY Paper Swirls Swirl Station

Paper that comes alive! Roll, Shape and create with the ALEX DIY Paper Swirls Swirl Station. Time to make some holiday cheer for them loved ones, all wrapped up with this creatively cool DIY system. Watch as your child’s imaginations come alive! Where  the possibilities of design are endless. “Curl paper strips into coils to create adorable paper characters, cards, jewelry and more. One touch operation allows you to swirl paper in the blink of an eye. ALEX DIY PAPER SWIRLS Swirl Station introduces young craft enthusiasts to the world of quilling; making art with rolled paper strips. Make art, cards, toys, jewelry and more with 200 colorful strips of paper. The Swirl Station makes quilling easy by rolling the strips in seconds, with the push of a button.”

Available on Alex Brands get yours today.

Thames and Kosmos Pepper Mint Sea Voyage

Ahoy matey! Life like pop ups come alive in the Thames and Kosmos Pepper Mint Sea Voyage. Truly whimsical, to say the least. Not only is this a gem to look at all popped out, but very educational to. Defiantly a challenge for us older people.. Kids will actually enjoy spending time together with you while sneaking in some educational exercises. “In this story-based STEM kit, Pepper Mint accompanies an expedition to the Bermuda Triangle. Soon she discovers that the ocean water there behaves in strange and unexpected ways. When the onboard systems of the research vessel fail, Pepper Mint figures out how to use water to make simple hydraulic machines and conduct experiments with pressure and density.”

Available at THAMES & KOSMOS

Josie the Great & Max and Bear

Children are such important people!  Pam Saxelby’s books speak to their hearts and through her stories, Max and Bear and Josie the Great, children know that their feelings are important and valuable!

Available at Pam Saxelby


Creative play is so important for kids and OOLY has plenty of wonderful art supplies, craft kits, and so much more to help them discover their inner artist. Little hands can create big things with Chunkies Paint Sticks and Brilliant Bee Crayons. Dog, Cat, and Fox Sketchbooks come complete with a handle, making them perfect for creating on the road. Have some fun with Big Bright Brush Markers or watch the colors change with Switcheroo Color Markers. Draw just about anything under (and including) the sun using Sketch and Color Colored Pencils. Scratch out a design and reveal the colors below on a sheet from Scratch and Scribble Books. Those who need a little more inspiration will have a blast with the Creatibles Window Art Kit. Unleash their creativity this holiday season!

Available at: OOLY.com 

Get your children back outside this Holiday Season – Flybar Pogo Trick Board, Swurfer Kick, and Pogo stick Bring the outside back into your kids’ life this Holiday Season with Flybar! It’s great interactive toys like this that interest me. A lot of kids are inside glued to the television. Flybar brings a modern touch to classic toys that never left. Kids can enjoy swinging from a tree branch with the Swurfer Kick. Which will have them surfing the air in no time. Maybe they want free roam with their new toy. The interactive iPogo Jr. would be the perfect gift to get them bouncing around. Looking for something that might help release some of that energy. Then the Pogo Trick Board is just perfect for them. Not only are all these toys fun to play with. Flybar is a great way to get the kids back outside burning off that energy and building social skills.  “Flybar has been around since 1918 and has since then been known as the Original Pogo Stick Company. We have been working tirelessly to bring you new and exciting products beyond just pogo sticks. To date, Flybar has since moved beyond just being the top pogo stick company, into an all-around sporting goods company. New research and development continue to bring you fun and exciting new products. Our team is continuing to grow and we can’t wait to show you where Flybar is going.” Flybar, Since 1918. Available at Flybar


Bulls I Toy

Every year there is another set of fun, trendy items that kids are practically begging to have. Bulls I Toy has created some of the most exciting and trendy items that kids will love to collect and play with. For kids that are into the slime craze that just won’t seem to end, Poo-Goo Unicorn Poo and Goo Lab Putty will bring hours of enjoyment. If they’re into collecting squishies, Squish ‘Ums Yummy Series 2 and new Skull series, as well as Squee-Zoo-Balls will bring a huge smile to their faces. Kids who enjoy puzzles and brainteasers will be excited to receive CUB3D Block2bot! And they haven’t forgotten the big L.O.L. Surprise craze, with adorable L.O.L. Surprise Slap Bands. Treat the little ones you love most to the most fun and trendy toys for the season!

Available at: BullsIToy.com

Horse Ranch Music Box 

If you’ve been searching high and low for the perfect gift for the horse lover in your life, look no further than this beautiful horse ranch music box. With four secret drawers hidden throughout, it’s easy to fall in love with this hidden, musical gem! Place your order for this perfect gift HERE.

Santa’s Dog

In this sweet rhyming book written by JoAnn Sky and illustrated by Ed Koehler, kids can follow the adventures of Santa’s dog, Lance. He falls out of Santa’s sleigh and finds himself in an animal shelter. From there, a military family whose father is off serving the country gives him a home. Will he stay with his new family or return with Santa the next Christmas? Read to find out! This story is loosely based on the rescue of a 3 year old mixed breed named Sampson, who was adopted by the author as a companion while her husband was deployed to Iraq. This sweet Christmas tale will truly warm your heart.

Available at DogsAndBooks

Who Cut the Cheese? Game

It’s no surprise to see a game about farting on the shelves these days. With a plethora of games and toys about slime and poop and farts and boogers, this game fits right in. Kids love gross and this game is GROSS, complete with realistic sound effects! The goal of the game is to  cut the cheese without farting. If you’re successful, you get to advance. If you cut the cheese then you must go back and try again. Have some silly gross fun with your this holiday season with Who Cut the Cheese?

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We Were Made for Each Other – Storybook and Audio

This heartwarming story of two friends, a pig and a mouse, will be sure to spark your child’s imagination. Join them as they discover the ups and downs of life and help their friends along the way. Read by Julie Nesrrallah and featuring  soothing background music, this is the perfect read-aloud bedtime story. After the fun and festivities of the holiday season, help your little one wind down peacefully with We Were Made for Each Other.

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Stuffed Safari Animals



Unicorn, reindeer and penguins, oh my! Do your kids love stuffed animals as much as mine do? Introduce them to the magical world of Stuffed Safari. The choices are endless. Want an enormous tiger or a tiny hedgehog finger puppet? They also offer licensed plush, including Sesame Street, Pusheen the Cat, Precious Moments, Dr. Seuss, Disney, Curious George, and many more. With dozens of varieties of animals, bugs, and even puppets to choose from, you’re sure to find a new friend or two for your little monkey to love this holiday season.

Available on Stuffed Safari

Giggles and Joy Gift Set

Are you looking for spiritual children’s books that don’t focus on any specific religion or beliefs? If so, these books are the perfect addition to your kid’s library. They are spiritual in the sense that they “focus on nurturing a child’s spirit with love, optimism, humor, honesty and common sense.” Ideal for ages 2 – 10, these books feature bright, colorful illustrations to go with each lesson. Pick up a set for your little book lover today.

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Aquabeads Deluxe

Give your child the gift of creativity this holiday season with Aquabeads Deluxe. Arrange the beads into different shapes and designs, spray with water and you’re done! No heat required. The tool case comes with 5 easy templates – a bear, a star, a rabbit, a heart and a bowl, but with over 1300 beads in 24 different colors, the only limit is your child’s imagination!

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Geomag Mechanics Gravity Jump Run

Unleash the power of STEM for your children this holiday season! Consisting of hundreds of plastic mechanical elements and magnetic rods, your child will love building this mechanical gravity jump run. It also features a gravity motor, magnetic transmission and a magnetic cannon guaranteed to provide house of fun. They won’t even know they’re learning!

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Piki Piki Bike

Every kid dreams of the day they get their first bicycle. Make that day come earlier for your child with the Piki PIki bike. This bike is designed specifically for toddlers, ages 18 months and up. It’s made of lightweight, durable plastic and stands on it’s own. No balancing required! It also doesn’t require any batteries or assembly. Simply take it out of the box and it’s ready for your child to ride! The Piki Piki bike makes a great holiday gift for toddlers who are brand new to bicycles. Give them the confidence to prepare for a bigger bike when they’re older.

Available on Gallo Spence Toys