The Best Shoes and Solutions for Hammertoes

Do you have hammertoes? Hammertoes occur when the toe is bent or curled at the middle joint. This condition generally comes from a muscle imbalance and can affect any toe. You can prevent this painful problem by wearing shoes that fit your feet comfortably. For people who have hammertoes, there are several different shoe options to choose from to relieve the pain.

Comfort and Space

When choosing hammertoe shoes, you want to find a pair that is comfortable and leaves plenty of space for your toes. The toe box should be wide enough that your toes are not cramped together. This can relieve some discomfort and pain from your hammertoe and prevent other toes from developing the same issue. Your shoes should be about half of an inch longer than the longest toe on your foot.

Shoes that are slightly stretchy may be a good option so that you can stretch your toes out. Many of the shoes you can choose from also come with adjustable straps for your convenience. This way you have the ability to make your shoes conform to your feet according to your preferences.

If possible, try to avoid wearing high-heeled shoes. These can force your toes to go forward and will only make the pain worse.

Toe Separators

To provide some pain relief, it may be a good idea to get some toe separators to wear around the house or in your shoes when you are out running errands. There are several different kinds that you can choose from. Some of your options may include:

  • Gel toe separators
  • Gel lined compression toe separators
  • Foot alignment socks or splints
  • Toe loops or spacers
  • Gel toe caps or crests
  • Toe straighteners
  • Toe protector tubes
  • Gel lined toe socks

Shoe Stretchers

Getting a quality shoe stretcher is a great way to increase the space for your toes. No matter what kind of shoes you have, you can get a special stretcher to place in your shoes when you are not wearing them. This way you can stretch your shoes without worrying about damaging them. Many of these devices come with removable pods to stretch certain areas of your shoe where you may need more room than the rest.


When you are lounging around the house, you may want to wear some padded slippers.  These comfortable shoes are adjustable and can cushion your injured toes as you walk. This is a great way to get support for your hammertoes without causing more issues by going barefoot.

Orthotic Inserts

Placing an orthotic insert into your shoe can give you some extra support and cushioning. Usually you can find these at your local drug store or you can have them custom made with a prescription from your doctor. A quality orthotic insert will help relieve and treat many of the painful symptoms of a hammertoe.

Hammertoes can be a very painful problem and should be treated right away. With the proper shoes and some helpful products, you can relieve some of the discomfort you may be feeling and can begin the process of straightening out your affected toe. For more information on hammertoes and treatment, visit

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