The Ultimate Back Pain Guide: Handy Tips That Could Make A Significant Difference To Your Life


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Anyone who suffers from back pain will already know just how debilitating it can be. If you’ve got an office job or you spend the majority of your working life sitting down in front of a computer, then it’s vital you take action as soon as you start experiencing problems. You see; most doctors are useless when it comes to helping people with afflictions like this, which is why you’re going to need some good advice and accurate information from someone who’s dealing with the same problems – someone like me.

Of course, if the pain refuses to subside after trying all of the techniques and methods I’m about to discuss, you should probably make an appointment with Central Chiropractic or other reputable professionals, as they are the ones best educated to help you further. Just try to avoid taking thousands of painkillers because they tend to cause even worse effects in other areas of your body like the liver, and so you’ll be no better off.

1 – Stretch Your Back Daily

If you have a quick look online, you’ll find lots of different devices designed specifically to stretch your back and improve posture. Ideally, you want to opt for something bridge shaped that can be placed on the floor. With these products, all you need to do is lay down on top and let your back muscles relax. Personally, I do this every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed.

2 – Crack Your Back When Needed

I have this odd problem where my back cracks partially on its own, and this used to leave me in agony for weeks because I didn’t know how to finish the crack and relieve the tension. Thankfully, I’ve spent a lot of time watching chiropractic videos online and have managed to find one technique that works. You’ll want to purchase a foam roller and iron your back by laying on it and moving forward and backwards on a soft surface (ideally carpet). The roller creates an arch in your back and thus helps it to crack as you move.

3 – Get Occasional Messages

Though many people avoid massages because of the intimacy they have no choice but to experience with the masseur, I can honestly tell you that this is one of the best ways of keeping a bad back at bay. Almost instantly, you’ll start to notice positive results that can help you avoid taking days off work during the week, and as this benefits your employer, they might even be willing to cover some of the expense.

4 – Start Performing Low Impact Exercise

Obviously, anyone with a bad back should avoid jogging or running wherever possible, but this doesn’t mean they have to refrain from exercise altogether, far from it. There’s no reason you couldn’t try some light swimming once each week if you’re feeling well enough, and this is usually best after you’ve just has a massage, so maybe joining your local leisure centre wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world.

Like I said, if your back problem persists then seek medical help, but these techniques have proved to be very useful to me over the last few years, and they’ve kept me out of hospital on more than one occasion. Try them out, and see how you get on!

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