The Benefits of Eating Locally Sourced Foods

One of the best ways to be properly nourished is to eat locally grown foods. This is a way to assure yourself that you are eating healthy and are always in the safe zone. Unlike processed foods, local produce is the best for the body as it is unlikely to have chemicals that can harm you in the long run.

Here are some benefits of eating only locally sourced foods –

Local Produce Is Chemical-Free

Eating homegrown foods means having food that is free from GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms. It has been observed that more than half of processed foods are genetically modified so you have to be extra careful in buying them. Although GMO is used to improve a food’s texture, there is something with it that harms the human body in the long run.

GMOs are not the only things that you need to worry about, though. There are many other chemicals that can harm the body such as preservatives and food colors. While these are needed to avoid spoilage and to have longer food shelf life, products that contain preservatives can do more harm than good. So you have to make your choice now.

Locally Grown Food Is Healthier

Unlike foods that have been processed, local foods are a lot healthier and most of the time organic. First, you are likely to know who grew the food that you are eating locally. These are the very people in your community, some may even be people that you know.

Local food producers and vendors sell only the freshest and healthiest vegetables and fruits. They have to do this or they will lose their credibility when it comes to their fresh crops.

Locally grown foods are still filled with vitamins, minerals, and many other nutrients. As eating locally becomes routine, you will soon observe that you have a better-performing immune system. Since this is so, you become less prone to diseases.

You Know the Source of Locally Sourced Foods

One other obvious benefit of buying locally grown foods is that you know exactly where your foods came from. In fact, there is even a strong possibility that you personally know the farmer or vendor that you are buying your fresh foods from.

If these are trustworthy folks and you know that they follow municipal, provincial or federal rules when it comes to growing crops, then you are assured that you are only eating the best kinds of foods. Following regulations also means shunning the use of pesticides and other forms of chemicals which are known to be harmful to man’s health. These farmers and vendors also have to comply to regular inspections so you know that you are protected in terms of your consumer rights.

You Help Protect the Environment

Buying only from local farmers or vendors means you are helping them with their livelihood as you also help protect the environment. Local production of food means you help decrease the use of plastic or Styrofoam (which is mainly used for long food transports). These waste products can clog and when you buy local produce you somehow say no to these non-environment friendly packaging.

Local produce is also likelier to use reused or recycled containers. Just think about the volume of plastic that you help say no to each year!

About the Author: Joanna is a health writer for the Natural Ketosis Company, a company that provides diet meals delivered. She prides herself on eating organic and locally sourced foods whenever possible. 

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