How to Remain Fit and Maintain Ideal Weight Even After 50

It is a must for people to monitor their weight and general health throughout their life. This means that diet and exercise are important for those over 50 years old to stay as fit and trim as possible. It is a fact that as a person ages, this makes it harder for him to lose unwanted pounds.

As it is, excessive weight has proved to have a major impact on the mortality of an individual. Obesity often leads to many health complications, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, bone problems, and diabetes. Hence, it is a must that 50-year-old individuals engage in a strict exercise routine and healthy diet to help them maintain their ideal weight.

Here are ways of picking the right exercise or diet to ensure that the proper weight and fit body is achieved and maintained always start your day with a healthy breakfast.

1. First of all, it is important that one sees his doctor before he even engages in a diet or exercise program. Latest researches revealed that people 50 years old and above must take advantage of a specific program that’s structured according to his personal needs. This will ensure that the program is effective in ensuring weight loss and maintenance, while not placing too much stress or pressure on his body. It is imperative that the person goes through a comprehensive cardio and physical examination to make sure that he is fit to undergo any form of exercise in a regular manner.

2. The person must ask the physician how he can lead a healthy lifestyle through a safe yet enjoyable food diet program. At the same time, he must also take note of proven techniques that have positive results in a person’s health and apply them to himself. For instance, it is common knowledge that foods rich in high content of fat, salt, and sugar add weight to a person. Hence, he must totally avoid these foods.

3. A beneficial form of training is weight lifting and any form of resistance training. These exercises are helpful for people over 50 years old since they help in improving their bone density while alleviating the stress and tension that they get from day to day activities.

4. If an individual already engages in an exercise plan, it is advisable to increase the level of difficulty over time. For example, a 50-year-old individual can initially go on a leisure walk of 5 miles every day. Eventually, he can increase the intensity of his exercise by doing brisk walking that spans 7 miles every day. This ensures that he does not experience any plateau, a condition in which that he doesn’t gain any more health benefits from the exercise.

5. Another great way to stay fit is on the water. It’s the perfect way for seniors to exercise and not feel the strain.

The rule is to increase the reps and weights in one’s exercise program slowly so that the end result when it comes to achieving one’s ideal weight. It is a must that he is regularly in contact with his doctor so that he is assured of professional and medical guidance while he is on the way to achieving the success of his health goals.

Loraine Rochford is not just your typical health conscious individual because she walks the talk. She has been practicing vegan since the 20s. She also writes health and fitness articles for various websites and a Boston-based weekly newspaper. David Wayne Fish San Deigo serves as her inspiration to succeed.

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  • July 16, 2019 at 7:43 pm

    Staying physically active and living fully is really important. You can not notice how after forty years you can not so quickly climb the stairs or bend down for something on the floor. This is very disappointing. Thank you for raising this topic and preparing this post.


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