Health and Financial Benefits of HVAC during Pandemic

During a pandemic, the prevailing thought in most people’s minds is how not to get infected. At such times, things like fumigation and sanitization become very important. Other items like face masks, gloves, and goggles are in high demand as they are essential in the fight against infection.  

However, one thing that can be beneficial in the fight against this pandemic, that many people are unaware of, is an efficient HVAC system. 

What is a HVAC system?

The HVAC system is a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. It includes heating and cooling devices such as air – conditioners and hot water heating systems. 

Now that many places are on lockdown and self-distancing is encouraged, people are spending most of their time at home. Even with the strict regulations in place, some businesses and places like hospitals and police stations where essential services are offered, are still operating as usual.

In such places, things like air conditioners and heating systems are essential as they ensure the people frequenting or working in these buildings are comfortable. Apart from providing comfort, these items can also be beneficial in the fight against COVID -19.

How can HVAC systems benefit us during the COVID -19 pandemic?

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Unbeknown to most people, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system can contribute to the health of people in a building. Here are some health benefits of having an efficient HVAC system.

1. It helps reduce humidity

High humidity can increase the risk of respiratory infections. When the air in a building is humid, it creates a damp environment in which specific disease causing bacteria and viruses can thrive. Humid air also traps dust, which can trigger or exacerbate respiratory infections.  

An efficient air conditioning system can keep the air clean, dry, and flowing freely. When the ventilation is improved in any area, the risk of spreading infection is low, and those who are infected can recover quickly.

2. It cools down temperatures

An HVAC system also controls the temperature in a space, ensuring it doesn’t get too hot or cold. 

Whenever it gets too cold, the risk of people getting infected with a respiratory ailment such as colds and flu increases. The same case applies when it’s too hot, and the air is dry. The dry air ends up irritating respiratory tracts, making people susceptible to infections as well. 

Therefore, a good air conditioner is an essential link in managing respiratory infections.

3. It purifies the air

The air in a home is often full of dirt, pollutants, and irritants that we are unaware of. The same case applies to public buildings,  where it is even more important to keep the air pure by keeping all areas well-ventilated. These pollutants can trigger ailments like asthma, clog up the breathing system, trigger headaches, and even cause us to feel fatigued. 

An air conditioner filters the air in your home of pollutants so that you and your family can breathe pure air and keep diseases at bay. When the air around us is well-ventilated, air pollutants like dust, pollen, smoke, or pathogens cannot trigger or make respiratory infections worse.  

In a hospital where COVID -19 patients are being treated, clean air that is free of pathogens and irritants is also needed to ensure quick recovery of patients.

4. It prevents dehydration

When the air in the home is too hot, people tend to sweat a lot. Sweating a lot can lead to dehydration, which in severe cases can cause heatstroke. To prevent this, it’s best to have an efficient air conditioner during hot weather. 

When you are fighting a serious illness like COVID -19, dehydration is the last thing you need. Therefore, in this way, an efficient air conditioning system also becomes invaluable to hospitals during a pandemic.

5.  Promote good sleep

When it’s too hot and humid, we find it hard to sleep. It becomes even more unbearable for a person suffering from COVID -19 to sleep in a hot environment. 

People suffering from respiratory ailments need a cool, well-ventilated place to rest and recuperate. Therefore an air conditioner can be a great tool during an epidemic in any home when it comes to preventing infections and hastening recovery for sick people. 


Financial benefits of HVAC systems during a pandemic

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Apart from benefiting our health, efficient HVAC systems can also be good for our finances. Here are some financial benefits of having an efficient HVAC system in a home, workplace, or public building.

1. It cuts down electricity costs

If you install an HVAC system with a programmable thermostat, you can control the amount of electricity that items like air conditioners or water heaters use. 

For example, you can set up an air conditioner to auto-adjust itself to the temperature surrounding it. You can also set it to start up only when it’s needed.  Places like hospitals and offices can benefit from programmable devices such as these to cut down energy costs instead of operating them non-stop.

2. Improve output from employees

In any business, an uncomfortable or unhealthy work environment can cost the business a lot of money. In hospitals, where health workers need to be at their best, air conditioners are priceless. 

AC’s filter irritants like dust from the air, keep the environment cool, and provide proper ventilation, thereby creating a comfortable environment for nurses and doctors to work in and sick people to get well. That cuts down on losses through unnecessary infections or deaths. 

3. Prevent losses from machinery breakdown

Even during a pandemic, there are places like hospitals that continue to run at full capacity. In such situations, an efficient HVAC system is essential. For example, air conditioning and cooling systems are necessary for a hospital to work efficiently. 

Air conditioners also keeps machinery like computers from overheating and breaking down. Having an HVAC system that is always in good working order cuts down on repair costs, thereby helping the administration to save money. 

Do you have an efficient  HVAC system in your home or business?

If you don’t have an HVAC system in your home or business, maybe it’s time you installed one. 

As you can see, having efficient heating, cooling, and ventilation systems can be invaluable during this time when we are fighting a pandemic. If you do have a good one, it is essential you keep it in excellent condition by calling an expert to service it regularly.

Call an heating and air conditioning New Jersey expert today for a quote and advice on how to maintain the air conditioner, refrigerator, or furnace in your home or place of business.

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