How To Get A Picky Child To Eat Their Food

Having picky eaters can turn dinner into a parents headache. Kids can be picky when it comes to food, especially vegetables and fruits. What can you do? How can you get your picky eater to try different foods? Good habits start at an early age. Here are some helpful tips and you can also refer to the Dr. Sebi food list.

1. Practice what you preach

If you aren’t eating fruits and veggies, don’t expect your children too. Setting your plate up, like your child’s plate will encourage them to try different foods.
2. Taste development

Start your child eating healthy as young as possible. Give healthy snacks such as carrot stick, celery, apple slices, and oranges rather than roll-ups, chips, and candy.

3. Keep eating times distraction free

Turn off the television, put away the toys and turn off the phones.
4. Allow kids to be involved

Kids love to help prepare meals and grocery shop. Let your child select the veggies and fruits to be prepared for meals. Let the wash the produce and prepare them for plating. When grocery shopping, let the picky eater help pick out the fruits and veggies.
5. Don’t give up

6. And while this has nothing to do with picky eaters, please keep your kitchen safe for your little ones.

Be persistent, if your child is refusing to try a new food, encourage them to try a bit. Keep including healthy food items in your child’s diet on a regular basis. It takes children an average of ten times before they develop a like for a particular food.

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